Points of view

It is interesting when looking through my work all these years and see how my work has changed evolved. Colour wise, image wise but most interestingly, how i portray women. I used to see women as a strong female lead that would use the very least amount of clothes possible and would feel powerful and good in her skin. I always saw women in a sympathetic light (maybe because I am one) and tried to portray all her emotions in my shots, sometimes more introspective but always sure of herself. The model would be looking down, she would be intense but sexy, secure and always intriguing. My models are different now. They do what I tell them to so obviously they are a reflection of me and my mental state. My models have become a mirror of my feelings, sentiments and obviously, my mental health. Not sure this is something i want to dwell now as I am writing this post, as i don’t see myself as ready yet, to get so deep into my mind and my problems, but it is interesting that my models have changed with me. They rarely look at the camera anymore, and when they do, they hide. They don’t seem to be secure in their own thoughts and to be fair, photography goes through an intense selection process. The model may be quite strong and independent, but if I don’t pick those photos (because I don’t relate to them as much) or put the model in that mindset at all to start with, that says a lot about me and my mind than the beautiful subjects I have in front of my lens. 

Just thought I wanted to add these lines to my story. I should write more.